South Bend students step it up for positive behavior incentive

Nine South Bend schools just finished up a video competition that would grant each of them school funding. The state offered a $15,000 grant to schools who participated in a development plan aimed at increasing positive behavior.

“We know that education is best when there are two things involved: one, when there’s a relationship, two when there’s relevancy,” said Dr. G David Moss, Director of African American student/parent services and PBIS.

And nothing is more relevant to these South Bend students than music and movies. That’s why staff at nine different south bend schools put together music videos showing off students with positive attitudes.

“This video contest was a way to help schools build those things,” said Dr. Moss

Dr. G David Moss is the man who thought of this plan and he hoped one thing would come out of this.

“Build relationships between students and students, teachers and students, and staff and students,” said Moss.

A good example of this new cohesiveness is at Navarre Intermediate Center.

Cristina Campos is the assistant principal there, and she says she’s already noticing big changes.

“I’m the disciplinarian, but if I just look at them or talk to them or say ‘I think you should make a better choice’ they absolutely understand and they will comply. They are passionate they are hardworking and more than anything they will give you their love.” said Campos.

Family and Community School Specialist Brenda Alvarez spent her time working one-on-one with the stars of this production.

"The kids, they knew I had high expectations of them and they definitely, definitely gave that to me," said Alvarez.

She says her end goal was for the P.R.I.D.E. Team at Navarre to feel proud.

"And I think it was an amazing opportunity for them to see themselves as winners, and their confidence level has grown," said Alvarez.

Kids like 13-year-old Javontae Wallace. I asked him what it was that he focused on during school. He kept it simple-

“My grades, trying to stay on the sports teams, simple things,” said Wallace.

It’s the simple things that Dr. Moss is hoping students continue to stay focused on.

“Our public schools are doing a great job at engaging our students and getting them involved in a very positive way. And this was one example of the student taking control of their environment,” said Moss.

While the students came up with the design of the video, the South Bend Community School Corporation was astounded with the outcome of the project and They’re looking forward to more projects like this being funded in the future.

You can take a look at a few of the videos entered into the competition by clicking their school below.

Navarre Intermediate Center video

Marshall Intermediate Center

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