South Bend unveils preliminary plans for its future

NOW: South Bend unveils preliminary plans for its future

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- South Bend Design Week kicked off tonight and their number one goal is having a downtown that works for everyone.

After the city gathered feedback over several months, city officials presented preliminary plans to the public so they could be rated with green stickers for favorable ideas and red stickers for unfavorable ideas.

Different areas of downtown dictate that specific area's project priorities.

There is a plan to connect the north downtown area to the Leeper Park and LaSalle neighborhoods and to activate riverfront development in the area.

In the downtown central area, the plan is to connect the areas around LaSalle, Western Avenue, Monroe, and Lincoln Way East and to activate riverfront development, particularly around the Century Center.

They hope that by connecting these downtown areas, the plan will lead to new retail and residential spaces.

Finally, in the downtown south area from Western to Sample Street and the plan to connect the area across the railroad tracks to surrounding neighborhoods.

Once complete, city officials will create a plan draft over the summer and before an anticipated open house for the fall.

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