South Bend welcomes new nonprofit

NOW: South Bend welcomes new nonprofit

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- Odom Community Developers held its grand opening Saturday. The nonprofit organization is focused on development in the western area of South Bend.

The organization started from community volunteers who were concerned about redevelopment plans that the City of South Bend announced for the area in 2016.

“Me, a group of friends, and family all got to work so that we could save this side of town because that wasn’t our goal, it’s not what we wanted,” said Stacey Odom, the organization’s CEO.

Odom and other volunteers then began to assist with home repairs in the area and became more vocal with city government.

“We just took off. We met a lot of different people, friends, family, and neighbors and we started talking about our idea of what this neighborhood should be,” said Odom.

Odom Community Developers will focus on revitalizing the western area of South Bend while also offering wellness events and cooking classes.

“A specific goal of ours is to repair 60 homes and build 28 homes right here on the lake,” said Odom.

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