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Family & Children's Center to welcome author Matthew Sandusky

NOW: Family & Children’s Center to welcome author Matthew Sandusky

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The Family and Children's Center in South Bend is working to bring an end to child abuse in Michiana. The Center will welcome Matthew Sandusky to the Century Center April 18.

ABC57 Morning Anchor Emily Evans will be sitting down with him for an exclusive, one-on-one interview ahead of the event.

Sandusky is the author of "Undaunted: Breaking My Silence to Overcome the Trauma of Child Sexual Abuse." 

Matthew Sandusky. Matthew Sandusky.

He is a victim of childhood sexual abuse. His abuser was his adopted father and former Penn State Assistant Football Coach, Jerry Sandusky.

The Center's Executive Director Roxanne Ultz says she hopes his message will empower our community to protect children from abuse.

"I think it is key for the community to hear his message and to be able to identify signs of grooming behaviors and really know that prevention works. The effects of abuse are lifelong. And unfortunately, for some, that is mental trauma, and definitely physical trauma, so really being a lot to the prevention side of things that he will speak to is key. And it takes an entire community for that," Ultz said.

The event will coincide with National Child Abuse Prevention Month in April.

It's happening Thursday, April 18 at 6 p.m. at South Bend's Century Center.

You can buy tickets here. And click here to learn more about the Family and Children's Center. 

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SandraCLane 239 days ago
I also agree with the above vetting for Matt Sandusky. The listed points are all true. Matt Sandusky went to court to ask for permission for his kids to be able to see their grandfather (Jerry) while Jerry was under arrest....WHY would anyone do that if he were molested by Jerry Sandusky? WHY would an 18-year-old adult ASK the Sanduskys to adopt him if he were molested by Jerry Sandusky. Matt changed his name to Davidson after he “flipped” after sitting next to his stepmother the first few days of the trial. He then realized people would not “recognize” the Davidson name and changed it back to Sandusky. He did this in order for publicity and “gigs” to expound on his lies. He needs to be VETTED just like all of the other “victims” none of which were....they were handed their millions by Penn State with NO VETTING!! Truth...check it out.
SteveMasters 294 days ago
I hope that someone vets Matt before he speaks. His claims are suspicious. Penn State did not vet him when they made their settlement with him and I understand it was one of the smaller settlements indicating he didn't have a very strong case. I recommend asking him why he went to court against his ex-wife to allow Jerry Sandusky access to Matt's kids after Jerry was arrested, why he asked Jerry and Dottie to be adopted at age 18 if he been severly abused as he now claims, why he testified to the grand jury that he wasn't abused, and what happened to Jerry's 2 national championship rings.
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