South Bend's mayor still considering DNC chair position

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is once again in the national spotlight.
Many people are still wondering if he could be the new face to help rebuild the Democratic Party on a national scale.
The mayor confirmed he was still considering a larger role in the party on MSNBC Tuesday.
Host Steve Kornacki asked Buttigieg if he would run for DNC chair.
“I’m looking at it, i’m having a lot of conversations,” Buttigieg said during the interview.
The mayor  might soon have to definitively decide if he’s stepping into the race to replace embattled DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz and interim Donna Brazille.
“I haven’t decided where I fit in this conversation that’s happening right now,” he said.
While the party will officially elect a new chair in late February, there will be a series of candidate meet and greets starting January 13th.
The events will take place in four regional forums:
  • January 13-14th in Phoenix, AZ
  • January 27th- 28th in Houston, TX
  • February 3rd-4th in Detroit, MI
  • February 10th-11th in Baltimore, MD
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