South Haven nurse gets license revoked for second degree murder, being under the influence at work

A subcommittee of the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs revoked the registered nursing license of a South Haven nurse for being under the influence of methamphetamine at work, which prevented her from appropriately caring for a patient, according to reports.  

On June 20, 2022, 42-year-old Judith Sobol was allegedly under the influence of methamphetamine while working an evening shift and caring for a three-year-old patient who was on a ventilator.

During the shift, the patient's parents discovered Sobol incoherent and their child unresponsive and with her trachea tube disconnected, reports said.

Resuscitation efforts on the child failed and the patient died.

Later, Sobol told officers with the Coloma Township Police Department that she injected methamphetamines on the day she went to work, reports said.

Officers found two methamphetamine pipes and a small container of crystal methamphetamine in Sobol's purse, according to police.

The Berrien County Prosecutor's Office charged Sobol with second degree murder and possession of methamphetamines/ecstasy.

The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs sent the incident to the Department of Attorney General in November.

The Attorney General then issued an administrative complaint against Sobol, alleging Sobol violated the Public Health Code and, specifically, "constituted a violation of general duty, incompetence, lack of good moral character, and personal disqualifications consisting of substance use disorder and a physical or mental condition adversely affecting her ability to practice in a safe and competent manner," according to reports.

In revoking her nursing license, the Board of Nursing Disciplinary Subcommittee also imposed a $150,000 fine against Sobol.

Sobol is being held at the Berrien County Jail on a $500,000 bond.

Her jury trial begins on Tuesday.

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