Special needs athlete gets support from Michigan lawmakers

ISHPEMING, Mich. -- An update to a story we brought you last month.

A special needs student is getting support from Michigan lawmakers.

19-year-old Eric Dompierre attends Ishpeming High School and is on the basketball and football teams.

Next year, he can't play because he's too old!

Eric has down syndrome and was held back in kindergarten.

His dad tried to convince the Michigan High School Athletic Association to reconsider its age limit, but his request was denied twice!

Now, state lawmakers have joined the fight.

"Sports have influenced my friendships, my work, and my life.  I'm not going to have all that same stuff if i cant play sports with my friends again," said Dompierre.

"In my opinion, we need to change the rule," said State Rep. Steven Lindberg.

The Senate Education Committee voted unanimously to recommend age waivers.

The Athletic Association will take up the issue for a third time next week.

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