'Spring into Action for Kids' at Middlebury Food Pantry

NOW: ’Spring into Action for Kids’ at Middlebury Food Pantry

MIDDLEBURY, Ind. -The Middlebury Food Pantry wants to help financially struggling families start springtime on the right foot.

The pantry announced its new "Spring into Action for Kids" event.

In addition to normal food boxes for families, they will also distribute toys and snacks for children.

The pantry says every family deserves to have food on the table and every child deserves the happiness that comes with being a child.

Pam Bingaman, Executive Director of the Middlebury Food Pantry, stated, "It's spring. And it's gonna get nice out. And we're going to want our kids to go outside and play. And I just remember as a child getting small little gifts around Easter time in the springtime to go outside and play, you know, like a frisbee or maybe some bubbles or something simple like that."

The event is set for next month on Saturday, April 20.

If you'd like to donate ahead of the distribution you can head over to the pantry on County Road 16 in Middlebury.

You can also view the pantry's official Facebook page for further information and updates.

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