St. Joe High students hold 'Conscientious Christmas Cafe'

NOW: St. Joe High students hold ’Conscientious Christmas Cafe’

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - A group of students at St. Joseph High School in South Bend held a 'Conscientious Christmas Cafe' Friday to encourage shoppers to buy local, fair trade items ahead of the holidays.

“We really just wanted a way for students to be able to purchase Christmas presents ahead of time and still make a difference, so we’re really highlighting all of our fair trade products and local businesses in the community, trying to educate our student body about how to shop locally and how to shop fair trade," said Emily Smith, the president of SECO, the Social and Ecological Concerns Club.

They said you can start by buying from Unity Gardens, Ten Thousand Villages, or Just Goods.

When you're buying items from those businesses, you know the folks who made them are getting paid a fair wage.

Students who are part of SECO are hoping that even if you don't buy anything here, you'll think twice about where your gifts are coming from.

They also featured local student artists.

“It’s just nice to know that they care about local artists and they’re willing to support us in our endeavors, and all this money that I’m raising is going toward my college fund so that I can afford to go to art school," said one artist, Maria Ivancsics.

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