St. Joe River levels in South Bend plummeting during drought

If you were planning on taking a trip out on the river, you may have to wait a while.

After weeks of little rain and hot weather, some sections of the St. Joseph River in South Bend are completely dry.

The St. Joe giving up her junk: tires, hubcaps, and propellers showing up for the first time in years.

A tree washed up against a bridge, now looks very out of place.

Passersby in awe of the rivers’ demise brought on by the drought.

In a statement to ABC57 News, hydrologists with the USGS say the volume of water flowing through the river is well below median conditions. However, even though the water level is low, officials aren’t too concerned yet, because the low levels haven’t been sustained for a long period of time like during the drought of 2012.

For now, the riverbed is something of a time capsule of days past now unearthed for all to see.

The latest update now has South Bend in moderate drought. All of Michiana is at least abnormally dry. The rain Thursday and widespread rain on the way Friday could help the Saint Joseph River in South Bend to flow mightily once again.

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