St. Joseph Co. residents: Reporting flood damage, road closure update

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- St. Joseph County is asking homeowners to report flood damage to Emergency Management.

You can report the damage by using this online form or, if you don't have internet access, by calling 574-235-9378.

The county is asking for residents to help report flooded areas and flood damage by submitting the information on the county's website 

Road closures:

The following roads remain closed. Any bridge or culvert that was flooded requires a full inspection. Even though the roadway may be clear of water, it will be closed until the road is determined safe for travel.

  • Ash Road from Kern Road north to cul-de-sac
  • Beech Road from Osborne Road to New Road
  • Chippewa Avenue from Linden Road/Gertrude Street to Keria Trail
  • Crumstown Highway from SR 23 to Johnson Road
  • Darden Pedestrian Bridge over the river and adjacent Public Access lot
  • Dogwood Road from Roosevelt Road to Kern Road
  • Dogwood from Shively Road to Tyler Road
  • Early Road from Wintergreen Road to Walnut Road
  • Elm Road from New Road to Madison Road
  • Elm Road from Osborne Road to Pierce Road
  • Fir Road from Kern Road to Kelly Road
  • Gordon Road from the dead-end to Strawberry
  • Gumwood Road from Quinn Road to Shively Road
  • Inwood Road from Spirea Road to Sycamore Road
  • Kenilworth Road from Tyler Road to Shively Road
  • Layton Road from SR 331 to Elm Road
  • Madison Road from Miami Highway to Ironwood Road
  • Osborne Road from Dogwood Road to Cedar Road
  • Pierce Road from West County Line to SR 4
  • Quinn Road from Place Trail to Walnut Road
  • Quinn Road from Tamarack Road to Redwood Road
  • Redwood Road from Shively Road to Riley Road
  • Riley Road from West County Line to Walnut Road
  • Riley Road from Mulberry Road to SR 931
  • Riley Road from SR 331 to Miami Highway
  • Roosevelt Road from Ironwood Road to SR 331
  • Rush Road from SR 2 to Harrison Road
  • Shively Road from Sycamore Road to Redwood Road
  • Shively Road from Dogwood Road to Cedar Road
  • Smith Trail/Willow Road/Shively Road from Barley Road to Walnut Road
  • Tyler Road from Kenilworth Road to Juniper Road
  • Tyler Road east of Oak
  • Wooddale at Laurel Road
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