St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners approve fines for mask violations

The St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners has approved the COVID-19 related ordinance that would allow health officials to issue citations or fine businesses that do not comply with the county’s mask ordinance.

Employers and businesses are required to make hand sanitizer available at the entrance and near surfaces that are touched often.

It also requires everyone, except those under 5 or with certain health conditions, to wear a mask or face covering over their mouth and nose when a physical distance of six feet or more cannot be maintained.

Businesses and employers who do not enforce a mask police can face civil penalties.

The ordinance will be in effect until April 2021, unless it is rescinded or extended.

If the health department receives a complaint, a health officer will conduct an inspection to determine compliance.

If the business or employer is not complying with the ordinance, they can be issued a citation.

They can be cited every day the issue is not corrected.

Fines for each violation range from $50 to $250. Each day a violation remains in effect could result in additional citations.

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