St. Joseph County Commissioner race results

NOW: St. Joseph County Commissioner race results

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Winners on both sides have been determined.

On the GOP side — it was a close race, but we can confirm Carl Baxmeyer took the win.

For Democrats it was more of a blowout with over 70% of voters choosing Donald Westerhausen Jr.

ABC57 spoke with both winners ---Westerhausen and Baxmeyer following the news of their victories tonight.

Baxmeyer says he wasn’t expecting it to be so close of a call, but he’s excited to see what the November race will bring.

Westerhausen shared at a watch party tonight —he’s excited to bring more transparency to the county should he win come November — starting with commissioner meetings.

"First of all, like to meet at 10 am on Tuesdays is just basically saying you don’t want any public input and that’s not being transparent. I think the New Carlisle Enterprise Zone that was done poorly, and it really did not have a lot of public input which it really should’ve," said Westerhausen Jr.

“You have to remember my opponent was the township trustee of Harris Township at one point and he had lot more name recognition in that township that I did," said Baxmeyer.

Both Westerhausen and Baxmeyer will face off against each other in November.

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