St. Joseph County expects many voters, seeks community assistance

The entire country is looking toward the Hoosier state as voters ready up to head to the polls on primary day.

It’s still two weeks away, but the bubbling excitement is expected to draw plenty of voters. 

Bishop Donald Alford always votes early in St. Joseph County. 

“I might be busy on election day or may have to go out of town,” Alford said.

He isn’t the only one with that mentality.

Cindy Streich, a supervisor for early and absentee voting in St Joseph County, says they’re on track to have more voters casting their ballots early than ever before. 

“So far we have done approximately 2300 through this office,” Streich said.

She says presidential elections draw crowds to the polls.

“During the presidential election, more people are involved and ready to get out there and cast their vote,” Streich said. 

Like Streich, Alford is excited about the turnout. 

“I’m seeing even more young people now, getting into the process of voting,” Alford said. 

However, while people of all ages in St. Joseph County are likely to show up to in the primaries, they aren’t as likely to show up to work at the polls.

“We need people from the community to step up to help make the election happen,” Frank Fotia, a board member for St. Joseph County Voting Registration said. 

He says two weeks out from the election, they still need to fill 100 positions.

“Every election it gets harder and harder to find people as more and more people retire from it and just can’t do it anymore,” Fotia said. 

While no polling locations will close due to a lack of workers, it would make the day much smoother for voters.

If the primary day turnout looks anything like the early voting, there will be plenty of voters to assist.

“It seems to be more people voting a little early this year,” Alford said. 

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