St. Joseph County Health Department restarting conversation about water project

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – After a lack of funding stopped the efforts to fix water wells in Gilmer Park and Granger, the Drinking Water Protection Plan Technical Working Group met with the public to talk about new solutions.

The Technical Working Group was formed back in 2014 to talk to the community about their water and to help find affordable ways to get their drinking water back to being safe.

Marc Nelson, Environmental Health Director of the St. Joseph County Health Department, originally wanted the group to hold meetings with residents but because the money stopped, the meetings stopped as well.

“This project is not funded for next year,” says Nelson. “We have to get funding from the County to complete it.”

Nelson and the Technical Working Group discussed 9 ideas with residents. 7 out of those 9 ideas were voted to be passed on to the next meeting.

“There are winners and there are losers in everything we do,” says Nelson

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