St. Joseph County Library asking residents to share their COVID-19 experience

NOW: St. Joseph County Library asking residents to share their COVID-19 experience

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. - The St. Joseph county library inviting Michiana to share their experiences with the coronavirus. It’s all in an effort to archive it for future researchers and residents to look back on.

It can be anything from a drawing to a journal entry, as long as you are illustrating your perspective living here during this coronavirus pandemic.

“This is how future generations are going to understand what this felt like and what this meant so our local and family history department saw this as an opportunity to collect it in one spot, be able to archive it, preserve it so that we have a more complete understanding of this really powerful moment in our history,” Jennifer Henecke, the Communications Specialist at SJCPL said.

They are looking for anything written on paper, poetry, journals, drawings, you name it. It’s all in an effort to document the local effects of this global crisis.

It will all be placed online in an archive for anyone to see. They are looking for a variety of perspectives. So far, staff told ABC57 that 5 people are interested but they are hoping for more in the coming weeks.

“Art especially is a great way to cope with stress so a lot of people are finding they have more time or need to create things and that can be once this is all over. That might be some time you feel like contributing to the archive,” she said.

It will eventually be going up on Michiana Memories, a site the library maintains.

If you want to participate or have questions, go to [email protected]

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