St. Joseph County Police Department hosts "Pie in the Face" fundraiser for Youth Services Bureau

NOW: St. Joseph County Police Department hosts “Pie in the Face“ fundraiser for Youth Services Bureau


SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- St. Joseph County Police held a "Pie in the Face" fundraiser for the Youth Services Bureau for St. Joseph County. Sheriff William Redman and other law enforcement officials volunteered to have pies thrown into their faces for the fundraiser.

"The sheriff’s department has a team for an event called “Over the Edge” that YSP is doing in October and they’re raising money for young people in the community who are in crisis or who are at risk for homelessness," said Christina McGovern, Director of Development for the Youth Services Bureau-St. Joseph County.

Teams that raise more than $1000 for the "Over the Edge" fundraiser will have the opportunity to rappel down the side of a building in October. St. Joseph County Police raised around $1400 at their event Friday.

"It’s really important to have messaging from our law enforcement partners that we all trying to help young people and try and raise money, especially now," said McGovern. 

Sheriff Redman says even though things got a little messy for him on Friday, he's glad he was able to do his part to give back to children in need.

"There’s a lot of former ranking officers as a result of hitting me today with a pie, but in all honesty this is fun," said Redman. "It’s about the kids." 

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