St. Joseph, Michigan, among hardest hit during severe thunderstorms

St. Joseph, MI. - City among hardest hit during severe thunderstorms.

People in St. Joseph, Michigan, were the first to feel the brunt of last night's powerful storms. The storm hit suddenly, with a torrential downpour that last more than an hour.

There was also heavy thunder and lighting that continued late into the night.

Dennis stella came from Chicago to vacation on the beach in his motor home when the storm hit. 

"The motor home started to shake and of course I could feel the wind. I didn't even bother to look outside. A motor home's walls aren't thick so I could hear the wind and the rain hitting really hard. So, I didn't need to go outside," says Stella.

During last night's storm there were reports of 60 miles an hour wind gusts, but there have been no reports of any damage or fallen trees in the area.

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