St. Vincent de Paul to close Michiana thrift stores

NOW: St. Vincent de Paul to close Michiana thrift stores

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – St. Vincent de Paul Society announced Tuesday it will partner with Goodwill, as stores will close December 23rd.

The organization said the thrift stores throughout St. Joseph County have been able to support the community with programs since the 1960s but the last decade has been rough.

“The increase in lower-cost retailers entering the community has provided customers who shop regular at SVDP store the opportunity to find new goods at similar prices elsewhere,” read a statement.

Some shoppers like Christine McCormick like the “old” goods and will greatly miss the thrift stores.

“I was disappointed. I was disappointed and think we'll miss it in our community. I have always donated to St. Vincent's over the years too, so I'll miss being able to call out the truck and have them take things I can give away,” said McCormick.

The non-profit notes that any employees are displaced by the business move will be offered an equivalent position at a Goodwill store.

If you would like to make any donations, they must now be made to Goodwill.

“As we continue to move forward, it is exciting to work more closely with St. Vincent de Paul. When both organizations focus on their strengths, we become better for our community,” said Debie Coble, CEO of Goodwill Industries.

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