Stamp Out Hunger strives for record food donations

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Kevin Strebinger has been on the road since five a.m. just trying to make a difference.

"I believe with my whole heart that the main reason we're on this planet is to help each other," said Strebinger, food drive coordinator and mail carrier.

He's driving through the streets of South Bend in his maroon pick-up truck looking closely at each and every front porch.

He's looking for Stamp out Hunger donations to help the needy in our community. The goal: collect 200,000 pounds.

He said if they hit 200,000 pounds he will cut his pony tail off.

"If we hit 200,000 pounds that I would cut this off and so we keep getting close," said Strebinger. 

He sweeps the streets he can, and other volunteers get the rest before they're dropped off for sorting by local volunteers

"Deserving families, who through no fault of their own have lost their job and really need help," said Cliff Witkowski, volunteer from Roseland Rotary Club.

A need- Strebinger says he wants to help. And he won't rest until he does.

"It's just the way I was raised," said Strebinger. "If there's people in need and they need help- If I can help them i will."

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