Stanley Clark students and faculty participate in an Ice Bucket Challenge

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Sixteen faculty members at Stanely Clarke School participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Friday.

Sixteen lucky students got to drech those teachers with the ice water in honor of the late Dr. Faye Magnuson.

Dr. Magnuson was a Michiana doctor and Stanley Clarke parent who recently passed away from ALS after a ten year battle.

George Lund, the technology coordinator at Stanley Clarke school, pulled together the staff and students to honor the late doctor.

"The main reason I participated in it was for Faye Magnuson. She was my family physician. She was a really special person. I taught both of her daughters. And to see how this disease affected her, it really broke my heart," said Lund. 

Students have helped to raise $300 for ALS research by donating to the faculty bucket of their choice.

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