Starke County 9-1-1 dispatchers get treadmill desk

A stressful day at work may lead you to step away from the desk and take a walk to cool down, but the Starke County Sheriff's Department is hoping to offer that cool down in-house. 

The 9-1-1 dispatchers for the county sheriff have a new treadmill built in to one of the desks they receive calls from. 

The treadmill was purchased with department money and was installed earlier this week -- it's already receiving rave reviews from the dispatchers, who normally work 12-hour shifts sitting down.

"It's getting us moving so we're not just sitting for 12 hours a day," Starke County 9-1-1 dispatcher Dawn Bau said. "If we get a stressful call, we can't just unplug and run outside."

Bau and her colleagues found the idea for the treadmill desk on Facebook and are happy the sheriff approved of it. 

They have the treadmill programmed to only go two-miles an hour. 

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