Start up generator brings talent to South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — INVANTI looks to be the place where talent meets purpose.

It’s a startup generator in South Bend that’s looking to cultivate small businesses in order to help solve some of the city’s problems.

“We are seeing more and more people who are coming to South Bend to work on hard problems,” said co-founder Maria Gibbs. “We believe very strongly that South Bend is the place to do what we’re doing.”

Ideas, energy and collaboration are the foundation for this incubator.

And while entrepreneurship usually starts with an idea, at INVANTI it starts with a problem.

“We know people need this thing, we know it’s not currently being provided,” said Gibbs. “Let’s understand where that gap is and then create something new to fill it.”

Last summer INVANTI’s founders looked to fill that gap by filling their workspaces with five people from around the country.

Those people were also looking to work for a purpose.

“If you always wanted to start your own thing but feel stuck because you didn’t have that ‘aha moment,’ there’s a place for you here,” said co-founder Dustin Mix.

It’s a place Maureen McNulty calls home.

“This continuing on and growing and being something more is just so incredibly exciting,” said McNulty.

Mcnulty’s business, Bedrock Financial Health, provides financial guidance and support for people recovering from addiction.

Her business was also the first of the four start-ups at INVANTI to become incorporated Wednesday.

It’s a big step, thanks to the program.

“They have created this network of people who are experts who can mentor us who are investors, who just can get us to the tables we need to get to,” she said.

The organization invites entrepreneurs from across the country to build businesses in town for six months.

It will welcome up to eight more entrepreneurs in July.

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