State cheer competition abruptly canceled

NOW: State cheer competition abruptly canceled

SHIPSHEWANA, Ind.—State competitions are a big deal to many cheerleaders and teams. The state cheer competition, which was scheduled to take place last weekend, was unexpectedly taken away from them when the venue The Michiana Event Center was ordered to close because of COVID-19 violations from past events at their facility. The news didn’t get to coaches or parents until close to showtime.

“It kind of just like threw me off and I’m like well they prepared for this, this is so last minute, we already had the hotel booked and everything,” parent Shelly Watson said.

“I was devastated, and then it was just like...what now,” parent Jaime Roberts said.

This last-minute cancellation, causing a lot of frustration and plans to backfire.

“We lost out, we didn’t get a refund on our hotel and we would’ve lost gas money just to drive up there for really nothing then and just heartbreaking all the way around because she was really looking forward to it she’s put in so much effort to learn it and she was ready to perform,” Roberts said.

This is the second time that cheerleaders like Tori Roberts haven’t been able to perform because of COVID.

“I was sad and I really wanted to go,” cheerleader Tori Roberts said.

The disappointment, also spreading to Champion Force Sports staff and coaches who said in a Facebook statement quote:

“To say we are devastated and angry is an understatement, running this event for our CFA kids has been the highlight of our season and definitely a ray of hope during this time.”

Parents, just wanting their athletes to have the opportunity to finish out the season and get out on the floor again.

As long as it happens I’ll be happy,” Roberts said. “I’m glad that the kids will be able to compete, I’m glad she gets to get her time to shine, she will have her performance she will be able to do what she’s been excited to do, it’s just sad how it turned out and is being pushed back.”

Champion Force staff, have plans to make it up to the cheerleaders who missed out.

“They actually did reschedule like a mini competition for this weekend for the teams to do so my daughter was really excited that they were able to put something together last minute even though it’s not the anticipated completion style they’re used to doing, but at least they’re able to do something to let the kids compete and enjoy that experience,” Watson said.

ABC57 reached out to the Michiana Event Center (MEC) for comment, but did not get a response back.

MEC has two upcoming events posted on their Facebook page scheduled for January 29, but there’s no word yet on if they’re still happening since the Health Department shut them down indefinitely.

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