State Police providing real-time traffic updates on game days

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- If you're attending any Notre Dame games this year, and plan to drive and park nearby, you'll want to join Twitter for the most up-to-date travel routes provided by the Indiana State Police.

On game day finding a parking spot can be a major headache.

There are a lot more parking spaces here than you think and this year officials want to make it easier for you to find them.

Also new this year, Indiana State Police will use a spotter in a helicopter to watch the roads and post live traffic updates on Twitter. Just follow @NDtraffic.

"What that does is while I am in the air, prior to the game - 2 to 3 hours prior to the game, and especially the two hours after the game, if people follow that they will get actual live up to the minute updates of what is going on," said Trent Smith of the Indiana State Police.

ISP's tweets will include information on accidents, the best place to park, and will give drivers the best routes in and out.

Police say your normal route may not be the best one.

"People often get caught up in a traffic pattern, they need to be aware that we have three exits across the toll road and that will get them to their destination sometimes faster than the way they first came in," said Smith.

Between the construction zones, new roads, and blocked off streets, officials say you should use the maps they provide online.

"From South Bend residents to infrequent visitors, we will all have to re-learn these new traffic patterns," said Smith.

Police also recommend you do not use your car or phone's GPS because of all the recent construction.

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Douglas Road map
Overview map
2013 campus parking map

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