Stay-at-home order protested outside Governor’s home

NOW: Stay-at-home order protested outside Governor’s home

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Protesters organized over the weekend of April 18 and 19 in front of Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb’s home in Indianapolis. According to one of the protest’s organizers, no one was paid to be there and had all voluntarily chosen to be at the event.

The Governor didn’t agree with the protest, saying it was not the way to make one’s voice heard.

"We want to respect everyone's voice and being able to step forward and be heard but this would be the exact way not to be productive about that potentially, it just sets us back," said Holcomb.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer agreed with the sentiment, saying everyone should be listening to the experts.

"Everyone has a right to protest and make their views known, but because a couple of thousand protesters gather on a lawn doesn't mean that we should bend to their will. They're not the scientific experts, nor am I. We ought to listen to them, and we ought to be very careful," said Schumer.

Experts say opening the country too fast could lead to a second outbreak of COVID-19.

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