Stay out of the water

I know...I know...we all sound like a broken record!  But, please stay out of the water on days like today! 

Our Assistant News Director Greg DeBrosse took this video at the St. Joseph Lighthouse this afternoon...check it out!  And, listen to those winds whipping!

It is not just the fact that the rip current risk is HIGH.  We are talking about 4-8' least.  Reports from the Michigan shores today said 10 feet!  Those are huge! 

I interviewed some surfers earlier this year, and they assured me that they are confident in the water no matter what the marine conditions.  But, they have a flotation device attached to them most times....and it still made me worried for them!

(Humor me)

Aside from the fact that the rip current risk is are some good tips to keep in mind all the time.

Never swim alone.

Never swim at night.

Swim on guarded beaches when possible.

It breaks my heart every time we hear "possible drowning" on the scanner.  It is so easily prevented.  Just, the swimming adventures for another day.

Thank you.

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