Staying safe from heating type fires

This time of year is prime time for heating related fires in homes. The National Fire Protection Association says that December, January, and February are the most commons time for them to happen.

That is because more people are inside in an attempt to stay warm and often times cook more often.

Heating fires is the second leading cause of house fires, deaths, and injuries. A big contributor to the number is the misuse of space heaters.

“We want to make sure that space heaters are not a primary source of heat. Number one do not use them as a primary source of heat for your home. Number two keep them at least three feet away from any type of combustible materials such as a bed or any type of furniture,” said Derron Hess, Captain with the Mishawaka Fire Department.

He added that candles also contribute to the high numbers of fires.

“Candles too are another incident we run into this time of year. We’ve come into what they call the ‘scentsy’ world. You know candles smell great and people use them quite a bit but what we like to do is make sure people have a head count,” Hess said.

It is a good idea have your chimney inspected and make sure you have functioning smoke detectors. Never use the oven or a space heater as a primary source of heat.

Mishawaka school students will be getting out of school for winter break soon and Hess said parents should talk to their children about fire safety.

For some talking points, click here.

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