Still waiting for "plowable snow" in South Bend

NOW: Still waiting for “plowable snow“ in South Bend

The city of South Bend just wrapped up their "Fall ReLeaf" program on Thursday. Crews collected 45,000 cubic yards of leaves!

Now, those trucks will transition from removing leaves to removing snow as the start of winter quickly approaches.

So far, there's barely been any snow across Michiana, let alone enough to plow in South Bend.

Usually, plowable snow is a snowfall of 2" or more in a single event. The only measurable snow South Bend has recorded this year was 1.3 inches back on November. And, most of that melted over the course of the day.

On average, our first "plowable" snowfall arrives on November 25 in South Bend. Last year, it arrived 2 weeks ahead of schedule, when 6 inches of snow fell on November 11. The longest we've ever waited for a snowfall of more than 2 inches was February 3, 1983.

Significant snow is expected this weekend across portions of the Midwest, just not in Michiana. Parts of Wisconsin are preparing for upwards of 6 inches of snow, while northern Michigan could receive close to a foot of snow by the weekend's conclusion.

Across Michiana, rainfall amounts will likely top one inch in most locations, with isolated amounts near 2 inches possible. This would be the biggest rain event in our area since the middle of the summer. 

More quiet weather likely settles in for next week across Michiana, but there are some signs that the week of Christmas could be more active. We'll keep you posted.

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