Stink bugs annoying residents

GRANGER, Ind. -- Stink bugs have made their way into Michiana. Even though they don't always live up to their name, people are still annoyed by their presence - and their smell.

"I have seen stink bugs all over, it's ridiculous how bad they are these days," said Jeremy Horvath of Granger.

People across Michiana are getting very annoyed with stink bugs.

"There are stink bugs all over my house and in my vehicle," said Mike Cozart of Granger.

Entomologist Phil Sutton says stink bugs are from China. Ten years ago they made their way to Pennsylvania.

Now they're in Michiana.

"They are moving into the area, we found in Indiana the first few a couple of years ago," said Sutton.

They are irritating to homeowners,

"There are place for them to get in, there are holes under the side right here," said Sutton.

But there's a bigger problem for gardeners, like Dr. Sutton.

"They are a very serious pest on vegetable crops, and they are going to be a real management problem," said Sutton.

If they do get inside, make sure to take a closer look at your food.

"If you find them in your house, they might come to your fruit bowl," said Sutton.

Dr. Sutton says they could be here until we see some snow.

"They are only going to get worse, they are going to be quite a pest for the area," said Sutton.

Watch for stink bugs putting holes in your fruits and vegetables to take out the juices.

Also they like to hide in your plants.

Dr. Sutton says all you need to do is close off gaps that allow them to enter in your home and use regular bug spray around the house.

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