Stolen car adds extra stress to IUSB father-daughter duo

NOW: Stolen car adds extra stress to IUSB father-daughter duo


Graduation season is quickly approaching and for one South Bend family, a car theft could not have happened at a worse time.

Sunday, ABC 57 spoke with a father and daughter who attend IUSB but will now have to find other ways to get there after their only vehicle was stole on Thursday.

There are just two weeks of classes left and another week for finals.

20-year-old Elizabeth Moore attends IUSB with her father, 47-year-old Brent Moore, who is set to graduate in three weeks.

But Thursday, their only car was stolen, and now Elizabeth has this message for the thief.

“I understand it was a car, you can get a joy ride you can get wherever you wanna go, I get it ,but like people they know, the kids that go to school were poor, were struggling to get buy, I have used all my financial aid and student loans this past semester, I want the car back, just let me finish school man," said Moore.

The Moores live 6 miles from campus and now with no car, they are ready to get to campus anyway they can.

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