Stolen firefighting equipment recovered

The firefighting equipment stolen from the Coolspring Township Fire Department was recovered Monday at a home in a mobile home park near Michigan City. The LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office says the break in the case happened after the arrest of a man in St. Joseph County.

ABC57 reported on Monday that 25-year-old Franklin Powell was arrested following a burglary at Scrap Metal Services in New Carlisle.

St. Joseph County Police say he was wearing firefighting equipment during the burglary.

The LaPorte Sheriff’s Office did not name the suspect, but said the suspect was observed during a burglary at a New Carlisle scrap metal business wearing firefighting equipment.

LaPorte deputies said after an interview with the suspect, a search warrant was executed at the Green Acres Mobile Home Park where the stolen fire equipment was recovered.

The equipment was returned to the fire department.

LaPorte County Sheriff John Boyd says cooperation between departments led to the quick recovery of the stolen fire equipment.

“As we’ve shown in the recent past, the more we continue to work together, the quicker we are solving crimes. I commend the fast action of the authorities in St. Joseph County which was the major factor in breaking open the case involving Coolspring Township’s burglary. This is yet another example of not only a great collaboration with our neighboring departments, it is also an example of the success we expect with the increased level of communication between agencies.”

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