Storms cause damage in Mishawaka

NOW: Storms cause damage in Mishawaka


MISHAWAKA, Ind. --- Wednesday storms saw lots of damage from across Michiana and one of the hardest hit areas was Mishawaka. One downed tree even crushing someone’s car as neighbors still work to clean up the damage.

Homeowners say this was the last four trees they’ve had in their backyard since moving in over 20 years ago.

It happened at around 1 pm earlier today and caused a fuse box to go out resulting in power outages for the block which neighbors say hasn’t happened in almost 20 years.

Aidan Barrett has only lived in the neighborhood for about a year but says he won’t ever forget this storm because it completely totaled his car.

“It’s actually really surreal because there was no sound. There wasn’t like a thump. There wasn’t like any vibration it just went down lights went out and I ran upstairs to get a good look at it. I called 911 while I was there the fuse box burst," said Barrett.

Crews on scene told neighbors it’ll take about 3 days to restore power, but they don’t know when all the trees will be entirely removed at this time.

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