Stormy Thursday: Timing out the severe threat

Update 4:30 PM Thursday: Hit-or-miss showers and storms in the early evening, some could be strong to severe with gusty wind and heavy downpours. A line of storms is likely after 10 PM, these have a higher possibility of being severe. Mild and breezy through the evening 70s and 60s with a drop into the upper 40s by morning.

Thursday will be the  first day of widespread thunderstorms and possibly severe weather. It's important to be weather aware, small changes during the day can affect timing and severity of storms. 

Thursday Morning: Thundershowers are likely, non-severe thunderstorms with lightning and heavy downpours through early afternoon. The longer the rain and clouds last the less likely our severe threat will be in the late afternoon and evening. 

Wind and Temperatures: This will likely be the warmest day yet, highs spike into the mid 70's. It will also feel a big muggy. Wind will gust out of the southwest by the afternoon in excess of 25 mph. 

Thursday Afternoon / Evening: Pop-up storms are possible again in the late afternoon and evening, some of these cells could be strong to severe. Widespread storms are likely in the evening with a line of storms that could be strong to severe. The model timing has been fairly consistent with the arrival around 9 PM. 

Severe Threat: Typical with most severe weather in Michiana, straight line wind will be the greatest severe threat. But those who are outside should also take note of lightning and the possibility of small hail. 

This is a day to stay weather aware and follow the First Warning Neighborhood Weather Team. Especially on Facebook and Twitter. 
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