Stranded Goshen church group returns from Haiti

NOW: Stranded Goshen church group returns from Haiti

GOSHEN, Ind – The River Oaks Community Church “service group” returned home safely from a turbulent trip in Haiti.

The Church group left Monday, July 2nd to embark on a seven day mission trip in Haiti.

The group arrived shortly after protests broke-out with locals voicing their displeasure with surging fuel costs. 

The protests added three days to their week long trip

Needing to return home, the group sought the help of a mission group familiar with Haiti.

“The mission organization sent a team into Haiti yesterday all the way into the airport just to scope things out and see what everything looked like and we were in constant contact with the U.S. embassy so we were confident that by the time our team moved this morning at 5a.m. we weren’t gonna have any issue” Pastor Drew Richey of River Oaks Community Church said.

This Sunday the Church group will celebrate their safe arrival with a “special welcoming” at Sunday service.

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