Strategic plan released for South Bend schools

SOUTH BEND, Ind-- The South Bend Community School Corporation released a 64-page document detailing how the school corporation plans to "be exceptional."

With six main goals, it all seems pretty self-explanatory. Take the first goal: prepare each student for graduation and beyond.

According to the plan, all students should be proficient on state assessments, black and Hispanic students should be equally represented in advanced classes, all students should meet the state's graduation requirements, be prepared for SATs and be ready for a career or college upon graduation.

But as school buses whisk away the district's 19,000 students, one sophomore says it’s about time the district fine-tunes its focus.

“The big wigs really try their best at being in the schools but the students don't really feel like they're actually being noticed,” said , Reza Karimi, sophomore at Clay High School

Karimi is enrolled in all AP classes, but says he doesn't think the school administration pays much attention.

"We have good teacher to student ratios, but we really don't feel like the big wigs really think that we're actually there.”

But some students disagreed and said they’ve enjoyed their experience in the district.

"[I’ve been in] South Bend schools since kindergarten and I've been doing okay,” said James Randolph, sophomore at Clay High School

The educational consultant hired for the job, Sharon Cox, said over the phone the district will now shift to the implementation phase. She wouldn't disclose how much money it cost the district to hire her company to devise this plan, but said she cut the district a break.

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