Streak snapped: the 70s finally return to Michiana

Streak snapped: the 70s finally return to Michiana

It's been a long, cold winter for Michiana with record cold coming in late January and then another colder-than-normal snap for the first week of march. But, yesterday, at the South Bend Airport, we hit 72 degrees, finally ending the sub-70-degree snap! This recent streak of 178 days has been the longest since the 1992-1993 winter season, where we went 182 days without seeing the 70s.

This was so long in fact, that it climbed into the top 5 longest streak of days below 70 degrees in Michiana history. The number one spot was 194 days set back in the 1957-58 winter season! And there was even a couple much earlier in the 20s and 40s!

And it's important to get outside and enjoy the 70s again today because the cooler temps are coming back this week, and potentially into next week as well.

Not only will this be the best day of the week, it'll most likely be the last time we will be this warm for some time. Normal high temperatures this week and next will be in the 50s and 60s, and we'll be right around there or slightly cooler most the of days this week. Just take a look at the roller coaster ride this week starting today, with highs as much as 15 degrees above normal, back down, then slightly warmer, and back down again.

But, next week will likely be a different story. The climate prediction center has a good chance of below-normal high temperatures coming for Michiana, and frankly, much of the United States. That shouldn't cause too much of an alarm, but just know that the 50s will be sticking around more than normal for the middle of April.

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