Street crews trying to clean up leaves to prevent flooding

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- As rain, storms, and strong winds move through Michiana, the city of South Bend is out trying to stay ahead of any street flooding, but the city's annual re-leaf program is making things tough.

Crews have been out picking up leaves to make sure drains don't get clogged so roads and homes don’t flood.

"Otherwise the catch basin lids would clog with debris and you would end up with puddles and other flooding issues," said Paul South, Director of Streets, Bureau of Streets and Sewers.

Flooding issues they say they're preparing for now.

"We're definitely keeping an eye on the weather. We have crews that are on an emergency stand by basis for tonight if things get out of hand," said Kaminski.

He says they will also have crews on standby this weekend if the rains continue or we experience major flooding.

The city of South Bend is already getting calls about clogged catch basins.

They say the best thing homeowners can do is to make sure their leaves are behind the curb line and their catch basins are free and clear of debris as the rain moves through.

South Bend's re-leaf program will continue for several weeks yet. If you live in South Bend and have questions about the program, call 311 or

visit their website


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