Strong winds rekindle fire in LaPorte County

Tuesday three fire departments responded to a fire inside the Co- Alliance LaCrosse feed mill, where an explosion happened last week.

Wind swept through an already smoldering pallet of bagged swine feed.

Nick Poort with the LaCrosse fire department says he can't rule out future fires. 

"Like I said with the way the wind is blowing today, it dries things out quick with the sun being out so, I  am not going to say if it is or isn't going to happen again."

The cause of an explosion that happened last Thursday, is still unknown.  

On April 16th, four employees were hurt in a fiery explosion.

Three of the men are still in the hospital being treated for burns.

While many of the employees are still able to perform normal operations as drivers, others are managing the aftermath of the explosion.  

Investigators haven't been able to get inside the mill because of hanging debris.

Co-Alliance, the company over the mill, says construction crews will have to clear all safety hazards before a thorough investigation is done.

Investigations will be conducted by Co-Alliance's insurance company and the fire department.  

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