Studebaker museum sets up fund for son of murder victim

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Just a few days ago, 29-year-old Dominique Jackson was gunned down in his own car. Now his coworkers at the Studebaker National Museum are honoring his memory.

The museum is setting up an educational fund for Dominique's one-year old son.

If you would like to contribute to the fund, you can make a donation at any First Source Bank branch.

The donations will help support Dominique Jr and his future educational needs.

Coworkers say they consider Dominique a part of their family and are heartbroken by his loss.

They said his family is already suffering enough emotionally without having to worry about finances.
The executive director of the museum says she's hoping people will show their support for a man who truly loved his family.

"When you're starting your family, and home with children in the house, that's the best time of your life, and I really think that is. Jackson won't have that opportunity," said Rebecca Bonham of the Studebaker National Museum.

Police are still looking for a suspect in Dominique's death.

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