Student charged for having gun on school property

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – 18-year-old Marshawn Johnson was arrested Monday at Rise Up Academy after he brought a gun, unlicensed, to school in his car glove box.

After talk aired between two male students, including Johnson, about fighting and shooting one another a school resource officer stepped in. 

Allegedly the officer separated and searched both males and found nothing on their person. However, the school wanted to make sure that there were no other threats on or around school property so they obtained Johnson's car keys. After searching the car a gun was found in the glove box. 

The gun was fully loaded with 5 live rounds, readily accessible, and not secured in a case.

The school acted immediately and the student was arrested, suspended and pending expulsion. 

While investigating the serial number, police found that the gun was previously stolen, along with cash, from a burglary back on September 27th, 2017. 

ABC57 spoke with students at the school who both said that they were not surprised nor worried that this incident occurred at their school. Danny said that he felt Johnson must have had a good reason to bring a gun with him. 

Resident parents who live just yards away from the school were concerned to hear about the gun. They were shocked and concerned to know that this happened in their own neighborhood where children play in Coquillard Park right next door. 


Johnson was arrested on site and brought to Saint Joseph County Jail where he is still, and being held without bond. Johnson is scheduled to be in court Thursday at 1:00 PM. 

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