Student taking a stand for her guinea pig

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-- A college student is taking a stand, for her guinea pig. Kendra Velzan, 28, is a sophomore at Grand Valley State.

Velzan has a pace maker and suffers from severe depression.

She claims that she needs the rodent for emotional support.

The problem is, Velzan lives in a pet-free dorm room.

The university refused her request, since the guinea pig is not a trained service animal.

Velzan argued that The Fair Housing Act allows companion animals.

Elizabeth Vezino Stoddard, with The Fair Housing Center of West Michigan said, "Because a person's need for emotional support in their home is often much different than emotional support in a public area, so that's why the Fair Housing Act has a different definition of companion."

Velzan has filed a lawsuit that Grand Valley State refused to comment on.

Right now the guinea pig is temporarily being allowed to stay in the dorms.


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