Students and neighbors talk camera found in high school locker room

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – As students left Penn Harris Madison High School on Friday, they said everyone is talking about a camera being found inside the boy’s swim locker room.

“I just know a lot of people were talking about it. Our teacher was talking about it and she said just drop the topic and try not to worry about it,” said Freshmen Mitchell Whedon.
Freshmen Brandon Leis chimed in that he didn’t think as many people were talking about the camera.
“Not really a whole lot. They’ve been trying to keep it on the down low and not try to stir up any ruckus,” said Leis.
The school told ABC 57 “a couple of students” found the camera in January of 2011, but didn’t tell any adults about it, including the school and police, until Wednesday, November 30th.
Most students are surprised to think that this could happen at their school.
“I was really surprised. I was actually kind of freaked out because I was in swimming today, but I think Penn will take care of it and everything will turn out fine,” said Whedon.
The school’s website also states, “Finally, we want the community to know that we are deeply saddened by this breach of trust by one of our staff members.”
ABC 57 went to Troup’s neighborhood in Mishawaka on Friday. A close friend of Troup asked that we give them space while they try to figure out “what’s actually going on”.
Next door neighbors said they were friends of Troup and didn’t have any comment.
Jamee Mihalek’s grandfather has lived across the street from Troup for more than 20 years. She said that Troup and she have never gotten along.
 “He was always really mean to me. Really mean. Ever since I was younger, like since I was nine and 10, really mean me,” said Mihalek.
She said Troup’s been a custodian at Penn for as long as she can remember. When asked if she was surprised to hear Troup was arrested in connection to the camera, she said, “No, I wasn’t surprised.”
Mihalek even said she knows Troup used to have cameras to monitor his walkway.
“Like the cameras that he has set up there in his walkway, were for me and my brother, because he was afraid we were going to do something to his house, which we never did. So it’s just weird,” said Mihalek.
Troup has not been charged with a crime, but is still in police custody as of Friday night.
St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office released a statement Friday that said it is “presently reviewing” the police reports. The office should have its review completed by Saturday and if there’s sufficient evidence it will be given to judge on Saturday morning for charging.

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