Students at Jimtown Intermediate participate in kindness challenge

NOW: Students at Jimtown Intermediate participate in kindness challenge

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. – The Great Kindness Challenge kicked off at Jimtown Intermediate on Monday and it encourages students to bring about a respectable school environment.

The kindness challenge lasts one week and during that time students will participate in all kinds of activities, such as making valentines cards and taking part of spirit week.

Stations were set up throughout the school that all focus on promoting kindness.

Marci Brubaker, the Principal of Jimtown Intermediate, says that this is a great learning experience for students.

"You always want kids to learn something from any kind of experience that you expose them to, so for sure we'd like to see less instances of not being kind, of calling names,” Brubaker said. “I think sometimes they don't realize just little things they say can have such huge impact either way. Be it positive or negative.”

The goal is to perform as many good deeds as possible in one week. 

Whenever a student does something nice, it is recorded, and the classroom with the most acts of kindness at the end of the week will receive a party!

The last day for the Great Kindness Challenge is January 31.

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