Students come together for the long run

High school student athletes are coming together for the long run.

That’s the promise that was kept by hundreds Friday evening, as they raised thousands for St. Joseph’s Special Olympics.

St. Joseph High School held a special track meet that saw student athletes team up with special needs kids for a cause.

“Someone who’s told they can’t and they really can should never be stopped,” said Cat Edmonds, a senior at the school and the organizer for the event. “Give them the opportunity to grow and help themselves then.”

That’s what inspired Edmonds to organize the Together for the Long Run event.

She wanted students to share warm moments with special friends within her community.

“It’s not just a one night kind of thing, it’s this relationship they’ll remember forever,” said Edmonds.

Friday’s large track event was less competitive than most meet, but much more inclusive.

“It’s incredible to see all these special kids that we love so dear join this team and see them out there having fun,” said Makayla Coplin, East Noble High School Junior.

Some of those special kids had special needs, but they were still fired up for an opportunity to be a part of a team.

“That makes it special because we’re all winners today,” said Vernessa Fry, Michigan City Schools’ Coach.

This unified track meet started as a class project for Edmonds.

“I said why not make an event where i can bring everyone together,” she said.

She turned her class project into a major success most non-profits would be impressed with.

Months later, she found support in Indiana’s High School Athlete Association, and rose quite a bit for a worthy fund.

“We’ve raised $12,900 for St. Joseph’s Special Olympics,” said Edmonds.

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