Students explore firefighting career first-hand

Kids with hopes of becoming firefighters one day got the chance to experience the job first-hand.

Clay Fire Camp in St. Joseph County allows children to experience what firemen and E.M.T.s do by seeing and touching the day-to-day equipment.

The week long camp started on Monday and focuses on different events each day.

"They get the opportunity to come here put their hands on the equipment that we use on a regular basis. We’re teaching them every aspect from the tradition of the fire service from the history, to emergency medical services, to rescue, to all different aspects of what we do as firefighters and E.M.T.s and paramedics,” Justin Stopczyski, Batallion Chief and Fire Camp coordinator.

Some students got to experience a medical helicopter landing while other events range from putting out a fire to a car rescue mission.

The goal of the camp is to inspire the next generation of hopeful fire fighters and paramedics heading into the field.

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