Students preparing for vaccines after mass vaccination clinic

NOW: Students preparing for vaccines after mass vaccination clinic

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Nearly six-thousand Hoosiers were vaccinated on Saturday at the two-day vaccination clinic at Notre Dame’s Compton Family Ice Arena.

Although the clinic just ended, this won’t be the last time we see Notre Dame distributing vaccines.

Students say they can’t wait to get their own vaccines shots in the coming weeks.

“I have not but I really wished they would’ve given it to us sooner. I’ve been really wanting to get it,” said James DeMaria, a Notre Dame student.

“I haven't got it yet but I'm planning to get it through the university,” said Lindsey Sehmidt, a Notre Dame student.

And, their chance is just around the corner with the university announcing plans to get all students and staff fully vaccinated by the end of this semester.

“I trust that it’s going to prevent me from getting COVID. I haven’t gotten it this year so I want to maintain that. And, I want to return to somewhat normalcy and I think if everyone gets vaccinated then we could get there,” Sehmidt said.

One student who has already gotten his first dose says he’s already feeling much safer.

“...just feel more comfortable. It’s a sign of going back to normal,” said Jack Looney, a Notre Dame student.

Normalcy, safety and community being the biggest motivator behind getting the shot for most students.

“If I was vaccinated, I wouldn’t worry about who I'm being around with constantly. I mean the CDC says if you're vaccinated around other people, you can hang out without a mask so that’s something… the prospect of that is super exciting considering how shut down things have been so far,” DeMaria said.

“It’s just going to feel really great from around and it will allow students to have those random interactions in the hallways and across campus that you don’t really have as much during COVID. So, I'm really excited for that and it'll just make a better and happier campus overall,” Looney said.

“Full capacity football games. I mean I miss the crowd roaring. And like the social interaction when you meet random people at games like that and it just like…the comradery. I miss that and I want more than that,” DeMaria said.

The university plans to open its own clinic sometime next month to help start that vaccination progress.

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