Students top off taxi business

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – While students are rejoicing the stress of finals week is over, local cab drivers are ecstatic about the extra business they’re rolling in thanks to students traveling home for winter break.

Taxi drivers lined up in the main circle on Notre Dame Avenue on Friday to take advantage of the boom in business.
"This is quite possibly one of the busiest times at Notre Dame because as you know they all have to be gone,” said Steve Clippinger.
Clippinger has been driving for Yellow Cab in South Bend for about two years, and he said he’s had a car full on Friday.
"We're transporting anywhere from 20 to 50 students to the airport a day, and that’s just this cab. That’s not counting all of the other ladies and gentleman that are cab drivers,” said Clippinger.
He said he started his day at 4 a.m. and by 1 p.m. had already taken 32 students to their destinations, which were all pretty predictable.  "Airport, bus, train, and the day is not over yet,” said Clippinger.
Clippinger’s Yellow Cab is one of five different local taxi companies lined up waiting on campus. These taxi drivers are happy to squeeze in the extra business into one day because it’ll slow down after this.
“When the students leave, when Notre Dame shuts down, then we have to learn how to save and manage your money a little bit better because we'll make enough today that we would normally make in an entire weekend or even half a week,” said Clippinger.
He said once the students clear out, the taxi drivers rely on city calls until the students return in January.
“It's going to be a minute before Notre Dame comes back and saves all of us,” said Clippinger.

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