Study ranks Indiana, Michigan as states not as affected by the ongoing shutdown; Michiana residents, lawmakers react

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – A new study says Indiana and Michigan are not as affected by the ongoing partial government shutdown as other states.

The analysis from WalletHub ranks Indiana as the 5th and Michigan as the 12th least affected states.

A WalletHub analyst says Indiana and Michigan don’t rely on federal jobs and dollars like other states. WalletHub says less than 1.25 percent of all jobs in both states involve the federal government. Additionally, there are only $700 federal contract dollars per capita in Indiana and Michigan. That number is typically over $1000 per capita in other states.

However, some people in Michiana said while Indiana and Michigan might not see the effects like other states, people are still impacted.

South Bend resident Stuart McPherson said he’s not presently affected, but knows people who are. He said he has compassion for those people.

“I just hope that things get straightened out for their sake more than anybody’s,” said McPherson. “It’s not just about one individual. It’s about a whole lot of people even outside Indiana.”

ABC57 asked local lawmakers the following questions about the shutdown:

1. What are they doing to bring the shutdown to a close?

2. What are your priorities in a spending bill?

3. What is your message to the people impacted by the shutdown?

All local congressmen and women besides Indiana senator Mike Braun replied. Responses can be found below.


“Fred continues his bipartisan efforts to end the partial shutdown and get the government back to work. Much work remains,” – Spokesperson for Fred Upton (R-MI)

“This government shutdown is hurting Michigan and our country. It is forcing thousands of border agents and TSA officers to work without pay, creating instability for our farmers, and threatening funding for our Great Lakes. Tonight, the House of Representatives passed two bills to re-open the government and help secure the border. The Senate should pass the bills immediately and President Trump should sign them,” – Spokesperson for Senator Stabenow (D-MI)

"Even after the Senate passed a bipartisan funding agreement earlier this week, the President still chose to shut down the government. This is completely unacceptable and wholly irresponsible," -- Senator Peters (D-MI) 


“Senator Young is hopeful that an agreement will soon be reached to secure our borders and fully fund all government agencies,” Spokesperson for Senator Young (R-IN)

“While it is important to end the partial government shutdown as quickly as possible, it must not come at the expense of our conservative principles. The current spending package proposed by the Democrats would completely ignore the people’s desire for stronger border security and trade it for their liberal wish-list. Specifically, the package would roll back pro-life progress made by Republicans, greatly accelerate our deficit by removing spending and debt safeguards, and push us further toward a government-controlled health care system. I’ll continue to work and negotiate with my friends across the aisle, but the current spending proposal is unacceptable to my constituents,” – Spokesperson for Representative Banks (R-IN)

“We have a responsibility to the American people to reopen the government and secure our borders. I will continue working with my colleagues to find a bipartisan solution that achieves both of these important goals,” – Spokesperson for Representative Walorski (R-IN)

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