Sturgis trial ready to pass to jury


ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – Terry Sturgis chose not to take the stand on Wednesday in his own defense and now his fate is up to the jury.

Sturgis is accused of beating his 10-year-old son Tramelle to death.

Wednesday wrapped up the almost full week of evidence presentations and now the case will be passed to the jury.

The prosecution and defense both rested on Wednesday. Testimony started in the Sturgis trial last Thursday.

On Wednesday the jury finished watching the taping of Sturgis’ police interview from last November.

A couple hours into the the interview Sturgis started to change his story about whether or not he beat his kids with a stick.

He admitted to hitting Tramelle first with a belt and then with a stick as punishment for stealing a water bottle.

Sturgis also said he hit his older son on the head with the same stick.

At one point during the interview Sturgis said to police, "I lost my mind, I lost my head."

The judge will read the jury instructions on Thursday morning and then the case will be formally submitted to the jury for deliberations.

Sturgis is facing 14 counts dealing with varying levels of abuse of three of his sons.





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